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Believe Christmas 2022- delighted families attend most loved Christmas spectacular

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Believe Christmas 2022 - Great success!

Believe Christmas 2022 was full of Christmas magic and memories!

Believe Christmas is an annual Northeast outdoor Christmas pantomime spectacular adventure experience taking you on a journey through ‘live’ performances and interactive activities. It is an experience creating memories with your loved ones to treasure for a lifetime! Joining Elf Guide’s to lead you around the Elf Tipi Village, you meet all the Elves who are there to entertain you and bring fairy tales to life! This adventure is a Magical Christmas Adventure for the whole family.

In 2022…all our gorgeous attending families arrived and made their way down into site to meet their designated Elf Guide underneath their chosen Christmas themed group name flag. After check-in and a welcome by Elf Sparkle and the elf family the groups were set on their way for a wonderful day visiting all the activities such as:


  • Imaginarium Planetarium - Ever wondered what’s up in the sky, learn about the stars and things that fly, in this dome, look up at night, Is it just stars or Santa in flight.


  • Elf Pimpernella Pinefrost and her ‘real’ reindeer - There was someone very magical waiting to meet everyone, our very own Elf Pimpernella Pinefrost with her special magic ingredient. Families helped put the magic into making the Reindeer fly on Christmas Eve.

  • Mrs C’s Ministry of Elfin with surprise guest ‘Shelfie’ - The classroom in 2022 visited by the one and only Mrs Claus herself. She has met and trained every Elf over the centuries and guided them through the Ministry to be the Elves that they are today! She has seen it all and knows how to tame even the most mischievous elves and can help you understand and cope with the naughtiest ones including the practical joker ‘Shelfie’ himself!


  • Chris Mystery - Come into the woods to see what you can find, every year he is left behind, come and help, come and see…Can you solve the MYSTERY! Families met our very own talking Chris Mystery and helped him become Santa’s chosen tree!

  • The Ice King - Come and meet the King of Ice, the founding keeper of Naughty or Nice, working his magic story never told, the frozen secrets to behold. Have you ever wondered how Santa knows if you’ve been Naughty or Nice? Well, it is the Ice King that collects all the memories in balls of ice that fall from the sky in the North Pole.


  • Virtually Christmas (VR) – Families got to immerse themselves in a VR Christmas experience and put into a virtual world.

  • The Official North Pole Post Office - This is the official BELIEVE Post Office where families got to write their letters and wishes to Santa. Elf Post Stampy made sure that these letters got promptly to Santa that day!


  • The Elves Workshop - Elf Jellybean was on form handing out kits to make something lovely to take home to remember the magical day at Believe Christmas. Families got to use their creativity and skills to make their own creation in this crafty craft Elves Workshop!

  • Reindeer Magic Sprinkles – After visiting Elf Pimpernella Pinefrost and the ‘real’ reindeer, where families were told the secrets of how the reindeer fly on Christmas Eve, everyone visited the Reindeer Magic Sprinkles to make up their own bag of Christmas magic to take home to sprinkle on their front doorstep or grass on Christmas Eve, so Santa and the reindeer could see their home magically sparkling form the sky!


  • The Christmas Shop - The Elves worked hard at the North Pole to find magical items to put in the shop… Whether you were looking for that last minute stocking filler, unusual magical present or to treat yourself to a lovely memento of the day, the Christmas Shop had it all!


  • Christmas Pantomime with Elf Sugar Plum Mary and gang - This utterly tinsel-tastic, belly busting new spectaculous display of Christmas nonsense was a joy to behold, filled full of laughter and warm festive merriment! Festive fabulousness in chaotic contagious hypersonic hilarity!


  • Santa - Santa was waiting to see all the families in his Laplandish Tipi next to his fire and checked that 'nice' list to see if who had made it! Don’t forget he magically knows secrets about each child! After hearing from Santa and checking things twice, individually each child got to go up and receive a certificate and presents to take home and that ‘all important’ photo op with the ‘real’ Santa himself.

BELIEVE Christmas 2022 took place on: Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th, Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th, Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th, Monday 19th, Tuesday 20th, Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd December 2022.

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