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9,000 linkedIn Connections

KENNETH SCOTT WALLACE, CO-DIRECTOR, TAINTED LTD I am absolutely thrilled that I have reached over 9000+connections on LinkedIn

It's not just connections but it's a great network that I have built over a period of time. I believe with new connections, you get a peek into the professional network of the person you are connected with and hopefully connect in a way that we can all benefit from each other’s professions, skills and help create something wonderful together.

Every single one of my 9,000+ connections are important as they are absolutely smashing what they do in such a massive impactful way! We all need help from time to time to get advice, guidance, an introduction to another colleague/associated company/organisation or direct help from that connection to help drive your business successes forward and this is what makes LinkedIn so rewarding. If we can’t help others then what does personal success mean, as surely it’s about creating something meaningful and hopefully prosperous but also being a mentor to someone that aspires the same success as you!

Many will argue that it is easy to get those connections, just send a random invite to people and you are done (which can be true if that’s your motive) but every single person I have connected with I have wanted to be associated with so hopefully we can connect and do business with. As a Co-Founder/Business Owner of an Events and Entertainment Company it is imperative to me to drive our business forward and find opportunities for Tilly Lockey #thebionicgirl whom we are the global management for.

I joined LinkedIn a handful of years ago and it has taken me over 10 years to reach this number. I now have a network that I can feel proud of.

Let’s connect, network and help each other to be greater business leaders and help drive forward what we do! I hope to help and inspire the next generation in any way that I can and know that my connections will to #WeAreAllInThisTogether #linkedin #linkedinnews #business #businessnews #entrepreneur #motivation #success #marketing #money #mindset #inspiration #instagood #instagram #goals #entrepreneurship #life #businessowner #smallbusiness #bhfyp #motivationalquotes #follow #quotes #believe #work #socialmedia #networking #like #bhfyp

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