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BELIEVE Christmas 2020

BELIEVE Christmas is an immersive magical world brought to life in a theatrical production within our elf tipi village.

It is an outdoor Christmas experience taking you on a journey through theatrical performances and interactive activities. It is an experience creating memories with your loved ones to treasure for a lifetime! Joining your ‘socially distanced’ group, with Elf Guides to lead you around the Elf Tipi Village, you will meet all the Elves who are there to entertain you and bring fairy-tales to life!

This adventure is based in the grounds of Hardwick Hall Hotel County Durham. A Magical Christmas Adventure for the whole family. New this year, in light of COVID19 the BELIEVE Christmas spectacular is being planned and delivered with social distancing in mind, managing the amount of people on site at any one time. We have been taking guidance from the UK Government, Public Health England, The Events Industry, our Insurers and appointed Health & Safety company as to how we can STILL deliver a version of this magical event to all our wonderful families in the North East this coming December. We will be working with our partners to ensure that plans will be done with the upmost safety. Our attending families health & safety is paramount and we are planning this event with this in mind.

Come and join us for an adventure to soak up Christmas magic!


For 2020 come and discover all the new exciting magic and unwrap some hidden adventures in this outdoor, immersive, interactive, theatrical spectacular! As this experience is built and created every year, we have been able to still bring you your slice of Christmas magic whilst keeping you safe with re-building the areas and programming all activities to keep you social distanced and safe throughout.

Come to our Elf Tipi Village and meet the very eccentric Elf Admiral Bixby von Hoovington ‘the reindeer guru’ and trusted reindeer, eccentric, trainer extraordinaire with his real reindeer themselves, Professor Eggnog with his ambitious eager unhelpful-helpful apprentice Figgy Hollysnaps in the Tipi Elf School experience to learn some deep North Pole secrets, take a walk through the woods to see if you can find a greeny meany hidden in his lair but is it who you think it is or could it be his twin brother Flinch….never seen before until now! Visit the North Pole nightclub hotspot Tipi, The Krispy Kringle to let your ears down and uncurl your toes for those cheesy pop-tastic Christmas tunes for an Elf style dance- off. Make a lovely Christmas treat to take home in the Elves Workshop, write your letter in the official North Pole Post Office with Elf Post Stampalina, add your wish to some Magic Reindeer Sprinkles to take home and an exciting visit to the jolly man himself…..Santa in his Laplandish Tipi next to his fire where he magically knows all about each child! Take your well-earned break between activities to visit any Street Food you may fancy and relax in the socially distanced safe environment to refresh for the remainder of your adventure.

See below all the magical stars that are waiting to meet you and exciting things that you will be doing on your day!

For 2020:

Elf Admiral Bixby von Hoovington

Come and meet the very eccentric ‘Elf Admiral Bixby von Hoovington’ the reindeer guru outside at his reindeer pen, with plenty of space for social distancing. ‘Bixy’ to his reindeer friends, is the trusted reindeer trainer extraordinaire, who knows everything there is to know about the deep dark secrets of the North Pole and how to train the best in the business. Although slightly lost reasonable sense of reality…von Hoovington is the beloved WHISPERER of the reindeer world. Meet him and the reindeer and learn from this amazing Elf.

The Flinch

Take a walk through the woods…please don’t say you find anything that’s a greeny, meany hidden in his outdoor lair! But is it who you think it is? Or could it be his TWIN brother Flinch? Being the twin of someone so mean, can still make you green, but since being a teen, he does not want to be seen, unlike his brother who is always so keen and so known from the screen, that the forgotten brother with the same gene, hides away from his routine, until Christmas from Halloween and all in-between, making sure he’s unseen...until now!

Official North Pole Post Office

This is the official BELIEVE Post Office where you will write your letters and wishes to Santa.

Elf Post Stampalina will make sure there is plenty of space between all the special visitors including giving them their own writing tool to keep. Once they have written their letter, they will then take it to the Official Post Box, making a wish as they post it to add the magic!

Elf School

The classroom this year is visited by one of the wisest elves in the North Pole who is centuries old and respected by the elves as their treasured old wise elf himself. Professor Eggnog and his enthusiastic unhelpful helpful apprentice Elf Figgy Hollysnaps will be running the Elf School with a class like no other on some of the deepest secrets of the North Pole and how the magic can be achieved! Their antics and Figgy’s mishaps will always bemuse and amuse every visitor in this social distancing classroom extravaganza!

The Krispy Kringle

Enter the Krispy Kringle, the elves North Pole’s Number 1 hotspot! Where they go to let their ears down and uncurl their toes after a busy day in the workshop. Come and hear the cheesiest, zaniest Christmas tunes you’ve ever heard and join in a safe Elf dance-off to warm up even the coldest toes with Elf WhirlyGiggle.

Reindeer Magic Sprinkles

Make sure you stop off on your travels to make some Reindeer Magic Sprinkles to take home for Christmas Eve, helped by your elf safely filling every bag before adding your wish to infuse the bag with magic! This is what you can sprinkle at your door on Christmas Eve night when the moon will make them sparkle bright as Santa reindeer fly and roam, this will guide them to your home!

Elves Workshop Elf Crafty Snoodles will be waiting to hand out your own kit to make something lovely to take home to remember your magical day at Believe Christmas. Use your creativity and skills to make your own creation in this socially distanced Elves Workshop!


Santa will be waiting to see you all in his Laplandish Tipi next to his fire and check that 'nice' list to see if you have made it! Don’t forget he magically knows all about each child! Knowing Santa cares so much about you, he will take extra measures to make sure everyone is kept safe whilst keeping the magic alive! Everyone will receive a special gift to take home.

Believe Christmas Shop

The Elves are working hard at the North Pole to find magical items to put in the shop… Whether you are looking for that last minute stocking filler, unusual magical present, to treat yourself to some beautiful decorations or even a lovely memento of your day, we will have it all!

Food Court

With safety measures in mind, a break will be staggered with various seating available for social distancing, yummy street food and refreshments can be purchased to treat yourself to relax between your activities. All the catering is supplied through Ramside Estates and the hotel making sure that all cleanliness and safety measures will be in place to look after you during your break of activities.


· Saturday 5th, Sunday 6th, Saturday 12th, Sunday 13th, Saturday 19th, Sunday 20th, Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd & Wednesday 23rd December 2020


Tickets will go on sale soon and will be available to book online via Early booking is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment. If you require any help please email or call the BELIEVE Hotline: 07539 616555


· Baby (under 6 months old) – £0.00

· Toddler (under 2 years old) - £18.00

· Adult Ticket – £34.50

· Child Ticket - £36.50

Please note: All individual tickets have a booking fee of £2.50 to be added for each ticket to cover the booking system and card payment fee. Tickets are non-refundable. If you have any changes to your booking, we will try and accommodate you as best as possible but there will be an admin fee for the booking system of £5.00


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