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Secrets of the Museum - Series 3 Episode 3 of 6 - featuring TILLY

Secrets of the Museum - Series 3 Episode 3 of 6

Watch TILLY on BBC2 tonight!!!

Inside every museum is a hidden world, and now cameras are returning to the V&A, going behind the scenes to parts of the Victoria and Albert Museum never seen before.

The V&A’s old Museum of Childhood is also undergoing a major revamp – it’s being transformed into a new museum to be known as Young V&A. But even while the site is closed for its makeover, curators are still acquiring new pieces, with many embodying cutting-edge design. Curators Kristian and Trish have just acquired a bionic arm, a robotic prosthesis made from 3D-printed plastic and designed to help children and young people with disabilities. The Hero Arm, as it’s known, was created with input from young people themselves. Trish goes to meet 16-year-old social media influencer Tilly @tilly.lockey to find out how she’s contributed to the bionic arm’s special features.

BBC2, 8pm tonight

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