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TAINTED LTD proud to support #WeMakeEvents

Tainted Ltd is proud to say #WeMakeEvents Tainted Ltd create, deliver, manage and produce both self-financed Regional & National sell-out attractions like @BelieveChristmas and work with both private & public sector clients. Like so many other established Event Companies and organisations based in the arts & entertainment the pandemic has been a very tough road and we really need the UK Governments support to get these industries back up and running again before Summer 2021, as our livelihoods are at stake. Tainted Ltd is proud to be counted as one of the many voices to help amplify the industry’s voice.

For more info on championing this cause please visit: @wemakeeventsofficial @WeMakeEventsoff @wemakeeventsoff


THE UK EVENTS INDUSTRY – Outline Facts and Figures The UK is regarded as a world-leader in delivering cultural events; Glastonbury Festival, Edinburgh Fringe and Notting Hill Carnival are household names around the globe, and spectacular events such as the 2012 Olympics opening and closing ceremonies are widely praised. UK events contribute significantly to the UK economy and supports circa one million livelihoods. Value of the whole DCMS footprint • According to the DCMS the Cultural Sector’s value exceeds £100bn, and was the fastest growing sector in 2017 - DCMS press release 2018.

Value of Events • The outdoor events industry alone had 141.5 million visitors in 2018, spending onsite and offsite generated around £39.5 billion, which contributes £30.4 billion in GVA Events Industry Forum report 2018. Data on employed and self-employed • 72% of the industry is self-employed - UK Music report 2019. • The outdoor event industry alone employs around 600,000 people, this doesn’t include theatre, music venues, corporate or any indoor events Events Industry Forum report 2018.

Value of Audience spend pre-Covid Music Events • Music tourism alone contributed £4.5 billion spend to the UK economy in 2018 - up 12% from £4 billion in 2017. UK Music report 2019. • Overseas visitors to UK shows and festivals surged by 10% from 810,000 in 2017 to 888,000 in 2018

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