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Tangle Teezer Campaign- Tilly Lockey

Tainted Ltd was recently approached by the leading UK hair detangler company Tangle Teezer UK. Tangle Teezer really love what Tilly Lockey #thebionicgirl is achieving in her life and asked her to be one of their new influencers with sponsored posts on her social media accounts, please click the video below to see what Tilly has to say about these amazing products:

Tilly's response on her social media: "You often see me doing make up tutorials on here, but I thought it would be fun to switch it up a bit and show you my everyday hair routine. My first ever meeting with @openbionics I was asked what I would like my HeroArm to help me with, and I always said I wanted to be able to brush my hair with it - now, I am able to do just that! That’s why I am so proud to share with you how I now combat my demanding hair with the help of tangle teezer. Their unique style and shape makes it easy and fun for me to use, plus you can literally have any colour of the rainbow and we all know how much I LOVE to be colour coordinated!! 🌈 @tangleteezer #fabuloushair #ad"

To find out more on Tangle Teezer please visit:

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