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Tilly Lockey #thebionicgirl featured in Elle Magazine Spain (Elle Kids) April 2021 edition

Tilly Lockey @tilly.lockey #thebionicgirl featured in Elle Magazine Spain (Elle Kids) April 2021 edition.

In April, ELLE jumps into the street ready to eat the world. It makes it loaded with brave characters who are pure inspiration. Like singer Rosario, who celebrates her 57th birthday with makeover, new album and more energy than ever before. "I feel very young, with energy and desire. I begin another cycle,"says the little girl from the legendary Flores clan.

Actor Javier Cámara, whose talent is buzzing in the poignant 'Forgetfulness we will be', also look out to the magazine; the unstoppable 'influencer' and 16-year-old discloser Tilly Lockey, who has turned her bionic arms into a symbol of independence and freedom; dancer Sergei Polunin, ready to enter the field of books; sisters Alejandra, Eugenia, Claudia and Ana Cristina Osborne, proof that the union makes strength, and the writer Javier Castillo, a bestseller who turned his life around to devote himself to his passion.

That's exactly what you're launching at, is what we invite you to in this issue, loaded with 'fashion' proposals full of daring, explosions of colour, impossible combinations and revolutionary pieces and accessories. In addition, we light your 'eco' spirit with endless ideas in sustainable key and tell you what names you should follow throughout the year, from model Jill Kortleve to the Dan Levy phenomenon.

@tilly.lockey @openbionics

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