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Tilly Lockey #thebionicgirl signs TV Presenting deal Fresh Start Media for SKY TV


FYI: FOR YOUR INFO - Sky TV’s weekly news show for and by kids is welcoming a new face to its reporting and presenting team; 14 year old Tilly Lockey @tilly.lockey from County Durham.

Tilly describes herself as a real-life bionic girl. She lost her arms to meningitis, and was the first British child to use 3-D printed bionic arms, and has since travelled the world to promote the technological breakthrough for Open Bionics.

Her new TV role shows there is no stopping Tilly, who will have the chance to interview top celebrities and politicians including the Prime Minister, and report on the big issues affecting young people across the UK and the world.

Tilly says “FYI is the only news show in the world where kids and teens get to have a say on the big issues and put those in power on the spot. It’s a great opportunity for me to report on the things I care about most, climate change, equal rights, racism and of course I hope I can inspire others kids with a disability that everything is possible!”

FYI: FOR YOUR INFO is the acclaimed weekly news show for kids available on Sky News, Sky One and Sky Kids On Demand. FYI is also shown in thousands of schools across the UK through First News Education.

FYI: For Your Info from Fresh Start Media was created by former BBC Newsround presenter and award-winning journalist, Chris Rogers, “ Tilly is a brilliant no nonsense presenter. We are a keen to have a team that every kid and teen in the UK can relate to. Children are hungry for news but they need somewhere to go where they feel understood, safe and get a voice.’

As the BBC drops the main teatime Newsround bulletin, FYI grows from strength to strength on multiple platforms. The weekly roundup has reporters filing reports from around the world, but FYI also has regular interviews with the Prime Minister and reports from its viewers and the programme is entirely presented by children.

FYI is presented by Xavier Blair 13, Braydon Bent 11, Ella Meek 15, Ruby Chapman 12, with Tilly Lockey joining in September.




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