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TILLY LOCKEY #thebionicgirl signs YEAR contract with Fresh Start Media (SKY TV)

Tilly Lockey, the 15-year-old County Durham teenager, dubbed #thebionicgirl has signed a year contract with Fresh Start Media to be a TV Presenter on the SKY TV’s kids news programme FYI: For Your Information. Tainted Ltd, the Manager’s of Tilly Lockey were approached mid 2020 by Fresh Start Media, after she appeared on one of their programmes as a featured guest, to have a trial period as a ‘NEW’ presenter on the programme from August 2020 until January 2021. Fresh Start Media and SKY TV have been so impressed with Tilly’s natural TV Presenting skills in the trial period that they offered her a year long contract to be one of the main presenters of the much loved kids news programme. Tilly will become a household name and be with FYI until at least 2022. Both Tilly @tilly.lockey and Tainted Ltd are excited to see what 2021 brings being a TV Presenter on this exciting programme.

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