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Tilly Meets Dance Mums and Abby Lee Miller

#AbbyLeeMiller Meeting all the dancers from season 8

TAINTED Talent represents 13 year old Tilly Lockey. Tilly is a very unique teenager as she is being dubbed #thebionicgirl by everyone that she comes across. When Tilly was a baby she contracted meningitis which resulted in her hands and tips of her toes having to be amputated to save her life. From an early age Tilly was taught that if she wanted to fit in she would have to do things for herself, when Tilly wanted to get out of the lounge room one day as a baby she was told "to do it yourself" this is a story that Tilly recalls on just about every major TV programme that she has been invited on, including the very recent El Hormiguero TV programme in Madrid, Spain.

TAINTED recently took Tilly along to meet the very inspirational and infamous Abby Lee Miller and the cast of Dance Moms Series 8 at the Marriot Hotel Gateshead. Both Abby and the cast were so inspired to meet Tilly and hear her story.


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