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Unbeatable and Human

In adversity they found their strength

TAINTED Ltd have been approached by the Spanish charity ‘Inspiring Girls’, who are based in Madrid, to contract Tilly Lockey to be their forthcoming Headline Speaker at their event ‘Unbeatable and Human’ which will take place in Madrid on Wednesday 3rd July 2019. Tilly’s profile in Spain increased after her interview on the famous El Hormiguero TV programme that is produced by Antena3/7yaccion.

Tilly will fly to Madrid Spain on Tuesday 2nd July (chaperoned by a member of Tainted Ltd, her management company) and one of her parents to undertake this prestigious event, helping to inspire others.

On arrival in Madrid on Tuesday 2nd Tilly will undertake an Interview. Filming and publishing an Inspiring video interview, as role model girl, as part of a monthly series of interviews. In this series, RTVE journalist RTVE María Eizaguirre will interview well known role model women and girls that can inspire and be an example for the girls, such as Tilly, Greta Thunberg, Melinda Gates. Women and girls that have an Inspiring life or message to share with them. All this will be recorded and distributed by the newspaper 20minutos, the 3rd most read general information daily publication in Spain.

On Wednesday 3rd July Tilly Lockey will attend the event ‘Unbeatable and Human’, here’s the programme for the event:


3rd July 2019 | 18:00 Paseo del General Martínez Campos, 14 28010 Madrid

18.00 Presentation of the Event by Maria Eizaguirre

18.05 Welcome by the President of Inspiring Girls Marta Pérez Dorao

18.10 Drone Exhibition by Fabia Silva

18.20 Presentation by Autofabricantes: Rosalía González (Design Engineer) and Lidia Contreras (Physiotherapist, occupational therapist)

18.35 Presentation by Tilly Lockey

19.00 Interview with Gema Hassen-Bey

19.25 Closing down and music performance

19.30 Family photo

19.30 Cocktail/event end


Tilly Lockey Just 16 months old, she was diagnosed with meningitis. The illness required the amputation of both of her hands. Her life has changed when she received 3D printed bionic hands. Today Tilly managed to get ahead and become the inspiration of many people. Even the Dalai Lama has recognized her perseverance and courage.

Gema Hassen-Bay Paralympic fencing medalist, in epee and foil, and one of the few elite athletes who has participated in five consecutive Paralympic Games. She has a degree in Information Sciences, has produced television programs, is a motivational speaker and the first person in a wheelchair to ascend Monte Abantos, La Bola del Mundo and Mount Teide. She is currently training to reach the top of Kilimanjaro, 5,895m.

Fabia Silva Driven by the powerful alliance between human beings and the technology to transform communities, Fabia Silva created Dronak, a company manufacturing remotely controlled robots. A female role model in the world of drones at the national level, she combines the creativity and intelligence of humans with the power of technology, in order to help build cities and countries that are healthier, safer, more efficient and prosperous.

Lidia Contreras She had it clear she wanted to work in healthcare but with a social background, so she studied physiotherapy. An occupational therapist focused on functionality, independence and quality of life of her patients and family. Since October 2016, she’s collaborated with the team of Prosthesis Designers in Autofabricantes, bringing a more functional and therapeutic vision to the creation of the projects.

Rosalia Gonzalez There is nothing she likes more than a detailed and easily adaptable project. Design Engineer and 3D printing expert, conscious about childhood and the environment, she’s happy to be able to share her knowledge with the Autofabricantes’ team, in order to build prostheses for children.

The event is sponsored by BBVA


More about ‘Inspiring Girls’

The objectives of Inspiring Girls are to inspire girls to aim high by connecting them with women who “return to school” in order to share their professional experience. Getting to know female role models helps grow the professional ambition and self esteem of the girls, as well as their expectations about the world of work. It helps them see the wide variety of professions and jobs that exist and always reminds that the fact of being a woman doesn’t imply any limitations, as it’s the effort and consistency that matter.

For more information on Inspiring Girls please visit @InspiringGirlsE #NiñasSinLímites #GirlsEverywhere

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