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TAINTED are representing and managing the career of Stone Wallace, a very talented actor/model/TV personality and celebrity in the making! Having studied Performing Arts and Musical Theatre and now 19 years of age with a vast history of performing from the age of 18 months old, following this path so far has shown him that there is nothing else he will ever want to be involved in such as this rich, fulfilling and diverse industry.

Stone is also fast becoming a popular 'Twitch' Gamer & Influencer!


Coming backwards out a chimney in front of 20,000 people with Santa at Edinburgh’s Christmas Festival for the 7th year in a row and now at the age of 10 it dawned on this normal? But then I realised who wants reality when you can create magic! 
Growing up in Durham with Parents coming from the entertainment industry has put me in so many different situations, from playing Elves, Munchkins, Penguins to Train Inspectors entertaining crowds. Being educated in life’s experiences growing up with a Soap Actor Godfather, Pop Star and Celebrity friends mixed with being a festival child at Glastonbury from the age of 5, brought colour to my world and opened my eyes to the other side of the industry.

I started a Stage Coach Drama group at the age of 3 and progressed through to other groups and performing many shows in the theatre with actors such as Joe Pasquale and Tracy beaker’s Dani Harmer. Alongside this, I did modelling from the same age working with Asda, Boots, Tesco and Diesel on multiple Ad campaigns. Performing gives me the chance to become someone else and to learn and live in different lifestyles and perform for people’s entertainment. 

Competitive sports has also played a big part in my life swimming nationally and for my region which has helped me develop many skillsets including being disciplined, dedicated, focused and driven. I love adventurous sports from fly boarding, indoor skydiving, go karting, trampolining, horse riding to circus skills! 
My interests and hobbies are Fashion, I am a self-confessed sneaker freak, love the grand prix & football, gaming, music, and rapping. I have a strong musical ear and have dabbled with piano and guitar. Studying Drama GCSE made me feel that it was my purpose in life, although I couldn’t wait for the possibility of College to explore the subject further as well as adding in styles and techniques such as singing and dancing. I joined Durham New College for the first year completing the BTEC Level 3 90 Credit Diploma in Performing Arts (Acting) course with a D*D*D*. I then moved to Newcastle College to complete my second year on a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Performing Arts (Musical Theatre). 

Most recently, I was delighted to be asked to an audition with the Director Ken Loach for his new movie. I spent some time with him and talked in length about the industry which made me even more passionate and adamant that this is the path for me. 
Drama School is the next step for me to take and to help me work towards my goal to achieve my vision of becoming an actor and entertainer through drama, film, television and theatre. I have grown up acting every day of my life by soaking up and observing people for emotions, accents, behaviours, all of which inspire me to want to use these unique opportunities for study and apply them in a vocational context. I will work hard and be determined in everything I am asked to do.  


Please contact TAINTED to discuss any opportunities/roles/appearances.


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