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tAINTED ARE DELIGHTED TO BE MANAGING THIS TALENTED superhuman tILLY! Being the superhero Tilly wants it all and sparkles at the thought of what the future will bring….Actor, Model, TV Presenter, Social Influencer, Make-up Vlogger…you name it, that girl will achieve it!

being described as a real-life superhero, The now 17-year-old girl complete with state-of-the-art robot arms named HeroArms, remarkably came as a gift – Alita, Battle Angel, hero in James Cameron's new Hollywood blockbuster approached Open Bionics and offered to pay for a new pair of hands that look just like the ones Alita has.

Aged just 15-months, little Tilly Lockey was diagnosed with meningitis which meant she had to loose her hands, forearms and toes to meningitis as a baby.

Now the County Durham teenage schoolgirl says: ‘I want others like me who are having a hard time to know you can fight back and there are no limits to what you can do.’ ‘It’s much better to stand out,’ she says. ‘Blending in with everyone else is really boring'.


Tilly is not only an inspiration but has a unique confidence and drive that pushes her to want to achieve her dreams. She is determined to confront and beat any obstacle in her way.


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